Are you interested in improving the quality of your skin and reversing or preventing early signs of aging? The science has improved so much that you may be able to achieve that from the comfort of your home. 

Would you want to start an effective skincare program but do not know where to start? Then do not get lost in a sea of products by shopping online alone. 
Do you have Dermatological concerns about Acne, Skin cancer, Psoriasis...etc but not feeling like visiting a doctor's office? Then a virtual dermatology visit is what you need. 
At NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology we have solved those problems by introducing our Virtual Consultation visits.
We have created the perfect combination of the experience of Nationally certified providers with the effectiveness of a leading medical grade skincare products serving you right from the comfort and safety of your home. This will provide you not only with the road map to a healthy and youthful appearance, but also the guidance to get you to your destination.
What makes us unique:
  • NOVA Plastic Surgery and Dermatology. Our practice is widely known in the region as the place to go to for Skincare, Medspa services, Dermatology and Plastic surgery.
  • Our Providers are nationally certified with more than a decade experience each in Dermatology, Medspa services and Plastic Surgery.
  • Our Practice is one of the premier flagship store for Skinceuticals. Our team is highly trained and are experts on skincare products and especially Skinceuticals by L’Oréal. 
  • Your products are shipped to you from our office and not a warehouse. Our team uses gloves to pack your products and they are daily screened for possible COVID-19 infection.


 Visits that can be performed virtually: 
  • Skincare: taking care of your skin at home through our backed by science Skinceuticals products
  • Medical Dermatology Concerns; Skin cancer, Psoriasis, Rashes, Acne and more

How does it work:
  • You book a virtual consultation with one of our experienced team members through our booking site. 
  • We send you a link to your provider’s virtual exam room (medical grade, HIPPA compliant software)
  • Try to have your consultation at a very well lit area of your home. (Sometimes the bathroom mirror and lights are ideal)
  • Your provider will review your skin concerns and  your current skincare routine (if any)
  • They will ask you questions and look at your area of concern on video. 
  • At the end they will  give you a detailed program to follow and the best set of products to use and how to use them. If treatments are of benefit they would recommend that as well.